mjor@dgs.comName: Maria Saabye Jørgensen
Education: Cand. Polyt. Operations and Management Engineering, AAU
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: mjor@dgs.com

My name is Maria Saabye. I joined William Demant in September 2017 as one of the two Global Operations graduates. I hold a Master’s Degree in Operations and Management Engineering from Aalborg University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Production and Management from the Technical University of Denmark. I have international experience from semesters abroad in Germany and the UK at the Technical University of Munich and Queen Mary University. Throughout my studies, I have worked in other MedTech companies, where I have gained knowledge of production, Lean and Six Sigma, but also about quality standards and the requirements of traceability, which helps me understand the requirements of the hearing healthcare industry.
In my first rotation, I am working in New Product Introductions (NPI) – the bridge between R&D and Operations. We are responsible for preparation and upscaling of new products to volume production. Being a part of NPI requires insight into R&D, but more importantly, it requires supply chain understanding in order to foresee which supply chain changes are needed in order to deliver the future products. Being a part of the William Demant Graduate Programme enables me to keep on learning and expanding my knowledge. It offers ongoing challenges and the possibility for me to try out different functions. In the end, this will help me determine where in the organization I fit in best.

jupt@dgs.comName: Julia Petersson
Education: M.Sc. International Management, CEMS
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: jupt@dgs.com

My name is Julia Petersson and I am one of the two new Global Operations Graduates.
I am originally from Sweden, but I moved to Denmark to study the bachelor’s Business, Language and Culture (the language being Spanish) at CBS 5 years ago. Then for my master’s I did a double degree including MSc in Supply Chain Management at CBS as well as the CEMS program in International Management – where I did a semester in Milan, Italy.
I am currently working on different tasks from several departments within Operations, such as New Product Introduction and the Global Supply Chain department. For NPI I am currently performing an activity-based costing exercise where I am mapping how much it costs to produce the different items in our moulding department in Poland. This will then form the basis for our make/buy decisions in the future. As for the Global Supply Chain Department, I am working on several projects regarding planning and capacity such as creating a scenario model to help us estimate global demand for 2022.
Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Name: Anna Lasztoczi
Education: Operations and Supply Chain Management, AAU
Start in WDH: 2016
E-mail: anls@dgs.com


lgre@dgs.comName: Lea Greiling
Education: M.Sc. Engineering Management, DTU
Start in WDH: 2016
E-mail: lgre@dgs.com