kcle@dgs.comName: Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management, DTU
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: kcle@oticon.com

I am one of the two 1st year Engineering Graduates at William Demant. My first rotation is in Quality where I am currently working in the Product Quality Management Team.
My two main projects right now are the development of the Employee Friendly User Tests for the ConnectClip to be released this autumn and a cross-functional project with Sales and Marketing, where we are working on improving the Product Support Service Desk.
My educational background is a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemistry and Biotechnology, both from the Technical University of Denmark.
I spend a considerable portion of my spare time being part of the National Board of the Danish Scout and Guide Association, a volunteer organisation of 36,000 members. The remainder is spent on sports activities, family and friends.

cmgr@dgs.comName: Camilla Willow Møldrup
Education: Cand.Polyt Design & Innovation, DTU
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: cmgr@oticon.com

My name is Camilla, I am one of the 1st year Engineering Graduates at William Demant. I am a Design Engineer and graduated from DTU in February 2017.
My first rotation is in R&D – Hardware, where I am a part of three very different projects. One has an organizational focus, one a more mechanical design focus and one is within systems engineering.
The first period of time here has been filled with a lot of introductions to both the company in general and to the products from a technical point of view. We have visited the production in Poland as well and plan on arranging yet another tour where we get to build our own hearing aid. To me, knowing the products from the beginning is the best way to become a good Engineering Graduate, as this enables me to contribute more to the project work.

Name: Patrick Leese
Education: M.Sc. Digital Media Engineering, DTU
Start in WDH: 2016
E-mail: patl@oticon.com


Name: Gustav Nordahl Jacobsen
Education: M.Sc. Engineering Acoustics. DTU
Start in WDH: 2016
E-mail: guja@oticon.com