abedName: Abed Kreidly
Education: MSc in Business Administration and Information Management, Aarhus BSS
Start in WDH: 2018
E-mail: mailto:abkr@demant.com

My name is Abed Kreidly, and I am a Diagnostic Business Graduate as of September 2018. In my first rotation, I work with finance reporting and pricing, with the overall aim of accelerating my understanding of the basic business structures and become an integrated part of a very interesting global transformation project.

I was born and raised in Odense but have always been keen to explore new places, which is reflected in my time as a student. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at CBS and my Master’s degree in Business Administration and Information Management at Aarhus BSS (with an exchange stay in Bangkok in between).

Besides spending most of my spare time on sports, I am a tech ‘nerd’, I enjoy travelling to distant places on great new adventures occasionally, interact with different cultures, and finally, I am a sucker for great food and good hip hop music.

The Graduate Programme has unveiled itself as a true international experience with a steep learning curve, allowing me to both strengthen my skills and interests within business IT in a global setting, and develop new ones on the go.

jubn_LThumbName: Julius Born
Education: MSc in Innovation & Business, University of Southern Denmark
Start in WDH: 2018
E-mail: jubn@demant.com

My name is Julius and I am one of the lucky graduates for the Diagnostic Business track. I am a regular guy from Hamburg, also called the most beautiful city in Germany. Nevertheless, my ways took me to Denmark, where I went to boarding school, high-school and university. I moved to Denmark as a young teenager and stayed, because Denmark started to grow on me.

The time during my studies was a very interesting time for me. I learned how to work together with companies, I had some free time jobs as a caretaker for the elderly, I grew a passion on working on cars and traveled a lot through several EU countries due to my engagement in a youth minority organization. After the bachelor thesis was written, I took two years off and worked as journalist, had an exciting internship in Hong Kong, drove in a car around the Baltic sea and learned a lot about myself. During that time, I learned what possibilities I would have with successfully finishing my degree in Innovation & Business (M.Sc.Eng.). I went back to university again, worked harder than ever, achieved great results, had interesting internships in the field of operations and grew with my tasks.

I enjoy working and driving my home-built racecar, traveling to unusual countries and spending time with friends and family.


aehs@dgs.comName: Anne Mette Hansen
Education: MA in Business, Language & Culture (Chinese), University of Southern Denmark
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: aehs@demant.com

My name is Anne Mette and I am one of the two Diagnostic Business Graduates at Interacoustics, Middelfart, where I work in the disposable business as part of Sanibel Supply. Words cannot express how excited and grateful I am to be part of the Demant Group!
Originally, I come from a small town called Rødekro, situated in the Southern part of Jutland. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Business, Language and Culture (Chinese) from the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg.
In my spare time, I sincerely enjoy spending a lot of time with my family and friends as well as, on a voluntary basis, teaching a few dance classes.

sfot@dgs.comName: Stefan Otzen
Education: M.Sc. Engineering, Innovation & Business, University of Southern Denmark
Start in WDH: 2017
E-mail: sfot@demant.com

My name is Stefan Otzen and I am one of the two Diagnostic Graduates that started in 2017. I am currently working in Product Management within impedance and audiometry devices. I was raised on a small farm in northern Germany, which my parents run as a hobby. In 2007, I went to the USA for a high school exchange, where I stayed with a family in North Carolina. After my return in 2008, I attended the high school for the German minority in Aabenraa. Later I studied at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Innovation and Business, which is a combination of engineering and business with a strong focus of entrepreneurial tasks.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time on my parents’ farm, helping with the animals and the general tasks. Otherwise I enjoy American Football and spending my time on any other activity that allows me to spend time outside.