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From 1100 Candidates to 12

An online case competition, video interviews, personality and aptitude tests, a full-day assessment center and a final interview – that’s what the 12 new additions to the Demant Graduate Family have been through to get to us.

We’re so happy with the new members of our family, and we’re proud to say that the 2018 group is the most diverse in our Graduate Programme’s history in terms of experience, educational background, nationality and personality.

A warm welcome to Abed, Alessandro, Alexander, Benedikte, Danique, Giulia, Julius, Nick, Nicolai, Nino, Rosa and Veronika – we can’t wait to have you join in September!

Assessment Center – Be Yourself, Have Fun and Give it Your Best Shot

Assessment Center, Assessment Day, Recruitment Day, etc… It goes by many names, and many companies use such an event to evaluate candidates, when quite a large number of similar positions need to be filled. At William Demant we use Assessment Centers to see how potential employees perform in different real-life scenarios and how they work with other people.

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‘People First’ – More than a Motto

My name is Kristine, and I am one of the two Engineering Graduates who started this September. Before coming to William Demant, I have studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Denmark. I have the majority of my practical experience from being part of the national board of a volunteer organization of 30,000+ members.

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An Unexpected Outcome of the Recruitment Process

My name is Mads, and I’m a Business Consultant in William Demant, not a graduate. Now, some of you might be wondering why I’m writing this post on the Graduate Blog then, but there’s a good reason for that. Last year, I went through all the steps of the recruitment process for the Graduate Programme, which resulted in me joining William Demant in August.

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Christmas Luncheon: Work Hard, Play Hard

Few things are as representative of Danish working culture as the reputable company ‘Julefrokost’ (Christmas Party). This once-a-year event has become such a staple that many companies use it as a point of differentiation to attract applicants and cement a particular corporate identity. In the first weekend of December, William Demant hosted its 2017 Christmas Party. It was my first Christmas party in a work setting, and this party was, to many, a very big deal.

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The Recruitment Process: What to Expect

One of the best things I did in 2017 was sending an application to the William Demant Graduate Programme. Now that the deadline for this year’s graduate programme is approaching, I’m thinking some of you might be curious about what to expect from the recruitment process. I know I was a year ago! With this post, I hope to give you some insights into how I navigated the process succesfully last year – and thus give you some tips for this year.

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