Graduate Intro Week: Feeling the Program

Why join the William Demant Graduate Programme? ‘To pursue professional opportunities at a large, successful global company’ Technically, that answer applies to most of us graduates, but the real reason for me was the feeling of the program. It is hard to describe, but my best explanation is that it has to do with the people who work here. I can confidently say that the team I have joined has surprised me in every way. They are smart, helpful and they challenge me every day.

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Niels: about ”driving” projects at WDH


Project manager or just ‘PM’ in daily language, is a role that can be a little broad in its definition to put it mildly. I am sure that from company to company you can find different definitions on the tasks and responsibilities contained in this role. Despite this, the role as PM (in my personal opinion) is both important and rewarding – especially when you as a Graduate get the chance to work in this role. Continue reading → Niels: about ”driving” projects at WDH

Alexander: Work-Life balance at WDH

I had never really pondered that much about how I wanted my everyday life to be structured. That was until I started entering the last phase of a long life of education and school as the main responsibility to wake up to. Just two days before I had to defend my Master’s thesis, my girlfriend waved a positive pregnancy test before me – and then the thoughts about how the future looked were inevitable! Continue reading → Alexander: Work-Life balance at WDH

Specialist line focus: Christian and Global Finance

Hello everyone! My name is Christian and I have been given the pleasure to write a bit about my experiences as a Global Finance Graduate at William Demant. I joined the company in September 16’ as a part of the 3rd graduate batch, which marked the introduction of the three specialist tracks; Engineering, Operations, and Finance, on top of the “General Business” programme that has been running in the past years. As such, I have chosen to include a few words on my reason for joining the specialist track as opposed to the general track. I have also written a bit about how I use my background in my daily work and what types of tasks I have been working on.  I hope you will find the following inspiring and relevant to your considerations about your future job! Continue reading → Specialist line focus: Christian and Global Finance