Welcome to the 2020 Graduates

On September 1st, we were excited to finally welcome Jennie, Amalie and Jorge to the Graduate Programme at Demant. They will be starting their journey in Product Quality in Oticon, Customer and Consumer Experience in Marketing, Oticon, and Technology Development in R&D, EPOS.

The first few weeks included introductions to their first rotation and colleagues, a presentation for VPs from all corners of the business, and lots of team activities with their graduate mentors. We are thrilled to have them on board and watch them develop in their graduate positions!

Get a virtual tour of our sound studio

The sound studio is one of the coolest rooms we have here at the Demant headquarters. In this room, 29 loudspeakers are placed strategically to form a sphere that allow our engineers to recreate any acoustical environment. This is done by creating a three-dimensional model of the sound environment and simulating this live in the sound studio. This system allows our engineers to create realistic listening experiences with hearing aids in a controlled environment.

Watch the video where Silvia, one of our Engineering Graduates, gives you a tour around the room.

Benefits of a diverse company

A graduate program can surely be an exciting way to start a career. They give exposure to different parts of a business, which provide a broad range of competencies and a unique understanding of a company. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have introduced new graduate programs to attract talent. On the surface, many of these programs seem similar and it can be difficult to choose the best option. So how do you navigate in the jungle of great programs to find the perfect fit? In this blog post, I will describe the diversity of Demant, which in my opinion is one of the key factors that makes the graduate tracks at this company stand out from others. Hopefully, this will make the choice a bit easier.

Demant is probably best known for its hearing aid business, where Oticon is the main brand. However, the company covers all areas of hearing care. From diagnostics instruments and hearing devices to cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing solutions. Not to forget headsets for both gamers and offices. There are clear synergies between these business segments but also differences that requires separate competencies. Imagine the different technological needs between a senior citizen looking for a hearing aid and a teenager looking for a gaming headset. Or the different requirements for successful marketing strategies in the diagnostics instruments and corporate headset businesses. In my opinion, graduates at this company benefits from the diverse nature of the company in two ways. Firstly, the high diversification of the company means that graduates have a lot of different opportunities in the rotations. It can thus be tailored to a high degree depending on qualifications and wishes. Secondly, the chance of finding the perfect position after the program ends is great, as the teams in different business segments will be very different and value different strengths. You will likely fit in!

I started as a Finance Graduate in September 2019, and my short journey with Demant illustrates the diversity quite well. My first rotation was in Dublin, where I supported the management of our Irish hearing aid business with financial reporting. This provided great knowledge of our hearing aid products and how to operate a retail business. My second rotation is in EPOS, which is our headset business for offices and gamers. The tasks in this rotation are completely different, and so is the general dynamics of the business segment. The customers are no longer individual consumers requiring a hearing aid but instead big corporations like Amazon. The nature of my two next rotations are still unknown, but I am sure they will be exciting as well and challenge me in more new ways.

There are a lot of great opportunities for newly graduated people, which have different things to offer. I hope this blog post has given you more to consider when choosing your first company and career path. Best of luck with the job hunt, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Tobias Qwist Fenger


Recruiter Tips for a Strong CV

Palle and Emil from Graduateships sat down with Ditte Mi Petræus, a Recruitment Specialist at Demant, to talk about the Graduate Programme at Demant, what candidates can expect in the recruitment process, and how newly graduated candidates can strengthen their CVs. This post includes some highlights from that conversation, the full article can be read on Graduateships’ website.

What skills – both professionally and personally does it take to succeed in Demant?
“In general, we divide it into two different areas – Competencies and Personal skills. The competencies are the general requirements that we expect a graduate applicant to have and are stated below:

  1. Graduated from a masters, diploma or a bachelor
  2. Student positions or other extracurricular activities during their studies
  3. International experience (ideally)

The other area are the personal skills which are very important for the long-term success at the company:

  • Being curious
  • Being ambitious, but in a humble way
  • Being passionate about learning
  • And finally, being a teamplayer

I would say the above are quite generic across the business, but then we will have specific skills we look for depending on the programme you are accepted into.”

You are now well into this year’s graduate hiring process – for anyone looking to apply next year – what does the application process look like:

  1. Application Deadline: Application deadline will normally be at some point in January
  2. Application Review: We will then review all the applications that we received
  3. Video interview: We ask the applicants who made it through the first review to answer 2-3 questions and record it. This is usually an area that surprises the applicants so I suggest doubling down on this area and making sure they put time and effort into it
  4. Video review: We then review all the videos and select the candidates that will go to the next round
  5. Assessment day: The candidates are then invited for an assessment day where they will go through a number of exercises, games and fun as well as meeting the Demant team.
  6. Personal interview rounds: The graduates continuing in the process will be invited for a personal interview on the respective tracks they have applied for.
  7. Decision: Following the assessment day and interview, we will then calibrate and make a decision on who will receive the offers. The offer is usually shared with the successful candidates in start-mid February

The above guidelines are obviously based on this year’s programme so they might change.

What is your advice on how to deal with rotations for the upcoming graduates?
“I think rotations are a key part of the graduate programme experience. I know from speaking to former and current graduates that it can be a bit stressful to always be thinking about your next rotation. I think the best advice I can give is to try and stay in the moment, use someone to talk to either your mentor, the other graduates or a third party to make sure you maximise your experience on the current rotations”.

“I also know that the rotations are one of the reasons our graduates like the programme so much because it enables them to learn a wide range of skills and many parts of the business in a short period of time. So, I also think it’s about enjoying it to the fullest and taking advantage of the various ‘hats’ you will be wearing. Before you know it the programme will be over and you will be focused on a new role”.

In your opinion, how do you create a good application and CV?
“That’s a good question and one that I think different recruiters will have different opinions on. I think the below are my general recommendations when it comes to creating a good CV – especially when you are relatively new and don’t have a lot of experience to put on your CV:

  1. Make sure to make it relevant to the role you are applying for
  2. Make sure to list out the various courses from your studies – particularly the ones which are relevant to the job or the company to know you have the knowledge
  3. Highlight relevant experience with a few bullets. Be as specific as you can. We know you are newly graduates and this means less experience for some – this is okay.
  4. Highlight areas where you have ‘new’ knowledge that the company can benefit from. This is very important and something which I think is often neglected by students, but large existing companies are also hiring young people because they bring in the most recent knowledge”.

Ditte Mi Petræus & Graduateships


Being an Engineering Graduate in 2 Brands During 1 Rotation

Hi, my name is Silvia and I am one of the two engineering graduates from batch 2019.

After obtaining my Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), I had the great opportunity to start in the Graduate Programme in Demant almost six months prior to the official beginning of the program.

During my education, I focused particularly on the field of digital signal processing. Therefore, the activities of Demant have always been quite attractive for me: the amount of engineering put into such small devices as hearing aids is truly impressive!

As an engineer, I am incredibly passioned about technology and even more about the process of the creation of new technologies. Therefore, it is a priority for me to improve my competences to participate in the activities of research and development. At the same time, though, I am by nature curious and I love challenges. Hence, this programme is perfect for me, since I have the opportunity to become a better engineer but also to acquire some completely new skills, sometimes quite far from my education.

In these nine months I have definitely learned something about Demant.

What distinguishes our company from many of others specialized in the hearing healthcare industry is the fact that it develops not only hearing devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored systems, but also diagnostic instruments and personal communications devices. In fact, my adventure started in R&D in Sennheiser Communications, which delivers high-end audio enterprise and gaming solutions.

I am part of the Technology Development department, whose aim is to investigate how the most innovative technologies in computer science, signal processing, big data, etc. can or cannot be incorporated in the currently adopted solutions for audio devices. I will be in Sennheiser Communications for one full year and this allows me to be part of a big project running in the Mechanical Development department regarding wearing comfort. This task has so far been extremely exciting and interesting but also slightly challenging, as I had to work on something completely new to me. After dealing with an unusual type of data, at least for a telecom-gal like me, and learning a new programming language, now I feel a little more like an actual developer, which is very rewarding! On the side of my main project I have been lucky enough to be part of a team of brilliant engineers from Sennheiser Communications but also from Oticon, working on advanced algorithms to enhance the current audio quality for the new generation of devices. The fact that the team is composed of engineers both from the personal communication and hearing healthcare fields allows on one hand to individuate the synergies between the activities of the two companies, and on the other hand to share knowledge and experience between the two parties. I feel in the middle of this exchange of information and I try every day to absorb as much as I can to expand my competences but also to acquire some best practices to transition from being a student to being a professional. Coming straight out of the university, it was a great opportunity for me to actively contribute to the work of Sennheiser Communication’s engineers in these two highly innovative projects!

My experience in Demant has been great so far and I am excited to explore more about the company but also about what I can bring to the table, in my little own way!

If you are also an engineer and want to know more about what it means to be a graduate in Demant, feel free to contact me and if you are already thinking about applying, well, maybe I will see you at the assessment center!

Silvia Tarantino



So, what exactly is the Digital Business track?

Hi everyone! My name is Rie and I am a Digital Business Graduate at Demant. I started in September 2019 after finishing my master’s degree in International Marketing and Management in April.

In this post, I will share more about what it means to be a Digital Business Graduate as this is a new programme at Demant. Before the Digital Business Track, Demant had the General Business Track. The new track is like the General Business track but now with more focus on digitalization in business. Not only does it mean that business students can apply for this graduate programme, it now opens possibilities for Master students studying fields of Data Science, Digital Innovation and similar. In other words, if you’re interested in the business side of IT and digitalization, then this is the programme for you!

The great thing about this track is that it is still very broad so there’s every possibility to find a specific area that is of interest to you. For example, my first rotation is in Sales & Marketing, specifically Customer and Consumer Experience where I am working on improving the consumer experience. I have had similar roles in past student positions, so this was a great place for me to start. Not only did it allow me to understand the way the industry works but also about who our end-users are. As with all industries, hearing healthcare is going through a transformation in that digitalization is changing the landscape of both the technology itself and the increasing needs of the users. That’s why instead of using ‘patient’ to describe hearing aid users, they are now referred to as consumers.

In my first rotation, I am working as a project manager on a pilot where we are testing out different ways to improve the consumer experience. This includes understanding the needs of the consumer – what type of information do they require, how do they access this information and are they even interested in all the connectivity possibilities there are e.g. pairing their hearing aids with their phone, TV or any smart device. Not only do I work with my immediate team, this truly is a cross-functional project, so I am learning new things about IT infrastructure, market insights, the technology behind our hearing aids and even basic knowledge about how the ears work! This has been extremely motivating and so different to what I learned in many years at university.

Although I’m not sure where my next rotation will take me in March, I know already that there are many opportunities within the Demant group. I could remain in the hearing aids division or try 6 months in a completely different business unit. In my opinion, that’s the most exciting part about this track – since digitalization is present in so many ways, it really opens the door to discovering parts of the organization which I may never have considered.

So, if you’re motivated and eager to learn about this exciting industry, then make sure you apply before 12th January. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Kind regards,

Rie Madsen



Opportunities at Demant

Being an engineering graduate at Demant provides great opportunities and benefits. Now that I have spent more than 1 year on this position at Demant, I would like to share some of them in our blog 😀

Of course, when you are a graduate at Demant you get to enjoy all of the many benefits all employees of the company get. Such as free access to the company gym, top quality lunches, flexibility on working hours, open and trusting workplace culture and many more. However, when you are a graduate, you get some extra opportunities that are highly appealing. For example you get to choose if you want to spend one or more rotations abroad, you get to work very close to top management, you get to be involved in projects of various technical focuses, and one that I would specially like to highlight on this post: you have the opportunity to travel inside and outside of Denmark to provide your experiences and insights about the programme to potential applicants. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had experienced this more than once, and even though every time is unique and fun in its own way, I can for sure say that the coolest one so far was the trip to New York with the Audio Explorers.

The Audio Explorers Championship is a competition for engineering students of Denmark organized by Oticon. The participants have to solve a real R&D brainteaser created by some of Oticon’s very best engineers and the 25 best answers are selected. The skilled winners are rewarded with a study trip to New York City with all expenses paid by Oticon.

This year the trip took place from the 21st to the 26th of August and I joined in order to share with the students my experiences about the Graduate Programme and just in general to answer any questions about the working culture at Demant.

Joining this trip was an amazing experience! It was very interesting to learn about the history and evolution of sound levels in New York City, about the concerning issues these sound levels cause and about the big focus of the government on trying to minimize them or at least keep them at bay. It was also very interesting to learn about some of the sound measurement techniques being used, about cutting edge technologies in the area and of course about the work being done by our colleagues at Somerset. Another very cool part of the trip was that in-between these interesting conferences and workshops we got to visit some of the most iconic sights in NYC and examine the city’s sound levels by the use of a hearing aid. It’s also important for a food lover like me to highlight that we also ate delicious international food from brunch to dinner and to top it all off, we even had some free time for shopping!

I can only say this was an amazing trip, full of learning, new experiences and a lot of fun! It was super nice to get to meet some of the most talented engineering students of Denmark and get to share with them what a great opportunity it has been for me to be an engineering graduate at Demant 😊

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Cecilia Rodriguez


Meet us in person

We are always on the road visiting career fairs all over the country. Join us for a chat and a cup of coffee and find out how what it is like to continue your career at Demant. You might already have met us at CBS, ITU or DSE Aalborg, but if you haven’t, you still have the chance! You can meet our graduates the following places:

DTU Marketplace for Graduate Programmes: November 7th 2019
CBS Graduate Night: November 13th 2019
CA’s Graduate Day: November 20th 2019

Graduate Programme Event – AAU: October 31st 2019

Jobtræf Aarhus: October 30th 2019
Graduate Programme Night – Aarhus BSS: November 14th 2019

ARKAD – Lund University: November 13th and 14th 2019

What it Means to Be a Global Diagnostic Business Graduate


My name is Maria and I am the new Global Diagnostics Business Graduate starting September 1st. I finished my Master’s in Economics and Management from AU in April and Demant welcomed me with open arms already back then. This meant I was fortunate enough to get a head start to be working at Interacoustics and within the Diagnostics Group at Demant, for which I am really grateful.

In this blog post, I will try and quantify the Global Diagnostics Business track a bit, so you will have a better understanding of what it actually means to be a Graduate and working within the Diagnostics Group. This is not an easy task since the program and business is very agile and your 2 years within the Graduate Programme will adapt to business needs but also adhere to your educational background, interests and wishes for future assignments.

I started in Sales Denmark, where I from day one got the responsibility of trying to enter a new business area that previously was dominated by one of the other players in the market. Here I had to obtain knowledge about this area, that up until now was unknown for Interacoustics, come up with a plan to approach the market, and also execute the plan. With great support from my new colleagues, I managed to kick in the door and create an opening for Interacoustics to grow within this business area.

Alongside this task and during the summer, I also worked on smaller tasks throughout the company. I helped Customer Service with creating spare part orders for our customers around the world and sending instruments for service at our production site in Poland. I finished a brochure with an overview of our more portable products together with our Marketing department. For Product Management, I mapped and analyzed the process through the health system for people with balance issues and a need for vestibular rehabilitation in Denmark.

The first 5 months has for me been extremely interesting, but also very demanding. I had no knowledge of audiology before I started, so everything was totally new to me. My learning curve feels like it has been almost vertical, and I am sure I will keep learning new things everyday due to the complexity of the industry. I think my first time here at Interacoustics very well illustrates the flexibility and many possibilities within the Diagnostics track, and how it can be shaped in any direction. Just here in Middelfart we have almost all departments within a company right from R&D and New Product Development over Product Management to Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

On September 1st, I started my first rotation in the Graduate Programme, which will be in Product Management here at Interacoustics in Middelfart. My main assignment is mapping and analyzing the market for tablet audiometry and come up with a long-term strategy for the Diagnostics Group. Aside from my main assignment, I work on a SoMe video campaign to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of audiology at Interacoustics, I am continuing my analysis of vestibular rehabilitation by expanding the analysis from Denmark to some of our neighboring countries and lastly, I also just got the responsibility of developing a wall mounted holder for one of our new products. Hereby working together with designers in Hardware, putting the prototype into production and creating the item in our systems, so it will be sent to our customers together with the main instrument.

I hope this has illustrated some of the many possibilities and variety of assignments within the Diagnostics track. And there are many more opportunities! This means that the Diagnostics track could be relevant and challenging for you almost regardless of your degree within areas like Business, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, IT, Engineering and the list continues.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Global Diagnostic Business track.

Best regards,

Maria Henriksen