During my graduate program, I did most of my rotations within Commercial Excellence across the organization, before joining the team as a full-time member. Tasks include long-term projects, that cover both ideation, development and implementation, as well as shorter projects, during which the goal is to bring an immediate impact to our colleagues.

An example of long-term project is the assessment of a country’s level of adoption of Commercial Excellence best practices. By identifying gaps and areas for improvement, we promote a new way of thinking and we empower local teams to rethink their approach to our customers. We help them answer key questions such as: which customers should I see in priority? How do I best prepare for a sales visit? How do I use the tools available to maximize my commercial impact? Providing the right answers requires a strong understanding of the local market and dynamics, while building relationship with the local stakeholders. Bringing in new insights is key to support experienced leaders in reshaping their approach to sales.

The Commercial excellence team also works on more specific projects, which cover a shorter period. This could include the following: creation of a dashboard, where countries would better visualize their sales performance; guidelines for how to set up responsibilities within the organization; sales training on a key strategic initiative, etc.

In both cases, it is crucial to build a relationship of trust with the local teams and ensure a clear communication. The Commercial Excellence team is here to help countries perform at the best of their abilities, and this journey cannot happen without the full involvement of both global and local teams, working together towards the same goal. The local teams have an extensive experience of their markets, products and clients and know the challenges and opportunities. The global team brings innovative frameworks and tools to support a new approach to these challenges. We also have a broader overview of best practices at global level, which countries can get a better access to and leverage in their day-to-day activities.

Finally, what does the working environment look like in Commercial Excellence? It is by definition very international, both in the headquarters in Copenhagen and in our interaction with local teams. As the team in Denmark is still relatively small, there is a strong team spirit and the opportunity for everyone to build their path and develop their ideas. The nature of our tasks also requires interaction with other functions, such as marketing or finance, across our different business units. If you are interested in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, this is the place to be!

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