Finishing a higher education can involve a great deal of uncertainty about the future. On paper, you are an expert within your area, but there is still so much to learn and many different roads you can pursue. So why should you choose the graduate road? I will argue that it provides you with a skill that will be valuable throughout your entire career: The skill of adapting to change.

Change is inevitable in today’s job market where new technologies, industry trends… and global pandemics… can turn an organization upside down in what feels like the blink of an eye. On a personal level, change often involves frustration and uncertainty, but also growth. Practicing your own ability to embrace change will be valuable both to yourself and to your employer – because change will happen, will affect you, and will be much easier to go through as a person and as an organization without stubborn resistance.

As a graduate in Demant, you must adapt to a new work environment in a new project with new business partners every six months. This is of course a great opportunity for you to explore your options and find your niche in a complex organization, but it can also be exhausting and frustrating when you really like being in your current role.

Like many others, I have always had some degree of resistance to major changes. Something that helps me cope with the changes involved in the graduate role is talking about it with former fellow students from my Master’s programme and with fellow graduates at Demant. Just like me, these people are also currently dealing with change, and it can be liberating to just talk about the uncertainty it involves. The outcome is a feeling of solidarity and understanding – everyone around me is going through change, striving to adapt and keep a positive outlook on the future. This makes it easier to embrace the changes included in this graduate programme as opportunities to grow and develop my adaptive skill even further.

As a graduate in Demant, you will be exposed to a world of exciting opportunities, and to gain the most from the graduate experience, you must be open to adapt and grow with every change. You will become an expert of starting a new job and a master of change.

I hope this blog post has given you some insight into the nature of being a graduate in Demant – how it can be challenging, but at the same time help you develop this skill that will pay off through the rest of your career. Good luck with your process of choosing which road to pursue after graduating. If you have any questions about Demant or the graduate experience, feel free to reach out to me at

Best regards,

Amalie Blixt
Digital Business Graduate 2020