Hi, my name is Silvia and I am one of the two engineering graduates from batch 2019.

After obtaining my Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), I had the great opportunity to start in the Graduate Programme in Demant almost six months prior to the official beginning of the program.

During my education, I focused particularly on the field of digital signal processing. Therefore, the activities of Demant have always been quite attractive for me: the amount of engineering put into such small devices as hearing aids is truly impressive!

As an engineer, I am incredibly passioned about technology and even more about the process of the creation of new technologies. Therefore, it is a priority for me to improve my competences to participate in the activities of research and development. At the same time, though, I am by nature curious and I love challenges. Hence, this programme is perfect for me, since I have the opportunity to become a better engineer but also to acquire some completely new skills, sometimes quite far from my education.

In these nine months I have definitely learned something about Demant.

What distinguishes our company from many of others specialized in the hearing healthcare industry is the fact that it develops not only hearing devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored systems, but also diagnostic instruments and personal communications devices. In fact, my adventure started in R&D in Sennheiser Communications, which delivers high-end audio enterprise and gaming solutions.

I am part of the Technology Development department, whose aim is to investigate how the most innovative technologies in computer science, signal processing, big data, etc. can or cannot be incorporated in the currently adopted solutions for audio devices. I will be in Sennheiser Communications for one full year and this allows me to be part of a big project running in the Mechanical Development department regarding wearing comfort. This task has so far been extremely exciting and interesting but also slightly challenging, as I had to work on something completely new to me. After dealing with an unusual type of data, at least for a telecom-gal like me, and learning a new programming language, now I feel a little more like an actual developer, which is very rewarding! On the side of my main project I have been lucky enough to be part of a team of brilliant engineers from Sennheiser Communications but also from Oticon, working on advanced algorithms to enhance the current audio quality for the new generation of devices. The fact that the team is composed of engineers both from the personal communication and hearing healthcare fields allows on one hand to individuate the synergies between the activities of the two companies, and on the other hand to share knowledge and experience between the two parties. I feel in the middle of this exchange of information and I try every day to absorb as much as I can to expand my competences but also to acquire some best practices to transition from being a student to being a professional. Coming straight out of the university, it was a great opportunity for me to actively contribute to the work of Sennheiser Communication’s engineers in these two highly innovative projects!

My experience in Demant has been great so far and I am excited to explore more about the company but also about what I can bring to the table, in my little own way!

If you are also an engineer and want to know more about what it means to be a graduate in Demant, feel free to contact me and if you are already thinking about applying, well, maybe I will see you at the assessment center!

Silvia Tarantino