Being an engineering graduate at Demant provides great opportunities and benefits. Now that I have spent more than 1 year on this position at Demant, I would like to share some of them in our blog 😀

Of course, when you are a graduate at Demant you get to enjoy all of the many benefits all employees of the company get. Such as free access to the company gym, top quality lunches, flexibility on working hours, open and trusting workplace culture and many more. However, when you are a graduate, you get some extra opportunities that are highly appealing. For example you get to choose if you want to spend one or more rotations abroad, you get to work very close to top management, you get to be involved in projects of various technical focuses, and one that I would specially like to highlight on this post: you have the opportunity to travel inside and outside of Denmark to provide your experiences and insights about the programme to potential applicants. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had experienced this more than once, and even though every time is unique and fun in its own way, I can for sure say that the coolest one so far was the trip to New York with the Audio Explorers.

The Audio Explorers Championship is a competition for engineering students of Denmark organized by Oticon. The participants have to solve a real R&D brainteaser created by some of Oticon’s very best engineers and the 25 best answers are selected. The skilled winners are rewarded with a study trip to New York City with all expenses paid by Oticon.

This year the trip took place from the 21st to the 26th of August and I joined in order to share with the students my experiences about the Graduate Programme and just in general to answer any questions about the working culture at Demant.

Joining this trip was an amazing experience! It was very interesting to learn about the history and evolution of sound levels in New York City, about the concerning issues these sound levels cause and about the big focus of the government on trying to minimize them or at least keep them at bay. It was also very interesting to learn about some of the sound measurement techniques being used, about cutting edge technologies in the area and of course about the work being done by our colleagues at Somerset. Another very cool part of the trip was that in-between these interesting conferences and workshops we got to visit some of the most iconic sights in NYC and examine the city’s sound levels by the use of a hearing aid. It’s also important for a food lover like me to highlight that we also ate delicious international food from brunch to dinner and to top it all off, we even had some free time for shopping!

I can only say this was an amazing trip, full of learning, new experiences and a lot of fun! It was super nice to get to meet some of the most talented engineering students of Denmark and get to share with them what a great opportunity it has been for me to be an engineering graduate at Demant 😊

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Cecilia Rodriguez