My name is Maria and I am the new Global Diagnostics Business Graduate starting September 1st. I finished my Master’s in Economics and Management from AU in April and Demant welcomed me with open arms already back then. This meant I was fortunate enough to get a head start to be working at Interacoustics and within the Diagnostics Group at Demant, for which I am really grateful.

In this blog post, I will try and quantify the Global Diagnostics Business track a bit, so you will have a better understanding of what it actually means to be a Graduate and working within the Diagnostics Group. This is not an easy task since the program and business is very agile and your 2 years within the Graduate Programme will adapt to business needs but also adhere to your educational background, interests and wishes for future assignments.

I started in Sales Denmark, where I from day one got the responsibility of trying to enter a new business area that previously was dominated by one of the other players in the market. Here I had to obtain knowledge about this area, that up until now was unknown for Interacoustics, come up with a plan to approach the market, and also execute the plan. With great support from my new colleagues, I managed to kick in the door and create an opening for Interacoustics to grow within this business area.

Alongside this task and during the summer, I also worked on smaller tasks throughout the company. I helped Customer Service with creating spare part orders for our customers around the world and sending instruments for service at our production site in Poland. I finished a brochure with an overview of our more portable products together with our Marketing department. For Product Management, I mapped and analyzed the process through the health system for people with balance issues and a need for vestibular rehabilitation in Denmark.

The first 5 months has for me been extremely interesting, but also very demanding. I had no knowledge of audiology before I started, so everything was totally new to me. My learning curve feels like it has been almost vertical, and I am sure I will keep learning new things everyday due to the complexity of the industry. I think my first time here at Interacoustics very well illustrates the flexibility and many possibilities within the Diagnostics track, and how it can be shaped in any direction. Just here in Middelfart we have almost all departments within a company right from R&D and New Product Development over Product Management to Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

On September 1st, I started my first rotation in the Graduate Programme, which will be in Product Management here at Interacoustics in Middelfart. My main assignment is mapping and analyzing the market for tablet audiometry and come up with a long-term strategy for the Diagnostics Group. Aside from my main assignment, I work on a SoMe video campaign to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of audiology at Interacoustics, I am continuing my analysis of vestibular rehabilitation by expanding the analysis from Denmark to some of our neighboring countries and lastly, I also just got the responsibility of developing a wall mounted holder for one of our new products. Hereby working together with designers in Hardware, putting the prototype into production and creating the item in our systems, so it will be sent to our customers together with the main instrument.

I hope this has illustrated some of the many possibilities and variety of assignments within the Diagnostics track. And there are many more opportunities! This means that the Diagnostics track could be relevant and challenging for you almost regardless of your degree within areas like Business, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, IT, Engineering and the list continues.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Global Diagnostic Business track.

Best regards,

Maria Henriksen