Hello everybody!

My name is Danique and I am one of the Operations Graduates in Demant. In this blog post, I will tell you a bit about why Demant is such an amazing company to work at if you are a Supply Chain-geek like me!

First of all, Demant owns all supply chain activities in the value chain, from the dispensers that sell our products, sales companies that hold stock, warehousing and distribution centers, the production of hearing aids as well as the main electronic parts of the hearing aid and finally procurement departments that buy various other components from our suppliers. Therefore, you are able to experience all parts of the value chain and change or implement new processes that span various supply chain entities.

Secondly, Demant produces various styles of hearing aids, both the standardized products that are worn behind the ear, as well as products for inside the ear that are fully customized based on the end-user’s ear canal. The standardized product style is produced by the principle of mass production, whereas the customized products are made to order. As these styles of production are quite the opposite of each other, it is very interesting to tackle the different challenges these products bring about and to still find synergies among the two.

Finally, the manufacturing processes in Demant range from fully automated processes (e.g. the production of the main electronical parts or the 3D printing of the custom shells) to manual assembly of the standard & custom hearing aids. So, no matter your background (engineering or business), you can be placed on all kinds of different rotations that will fit your skills.

And of course it is all good and great if the company where you work is involved with all different parts of the value chain and with various types of production, but you are only focused on one of these parts. However, with the Operations Graduate Programme you are able to move around through the different parts of the value chain and you will actually be able to experience the full holistic view of operations in Demant after two years.

Right now, I am in the great position to be working on a strategic project where we are conceptualizing the future value chain and how the various operations processes and systems should look like in the future timespan of 5-10 years. This gives me the great opportunity to work with our operational processes in production, reverse logistics, distribution, etc., and to be able to get a high-level holistic overview of our supply chain already after 6 months already. In my next rotation, I will be able to deep-dive into one of the operations areas, namely a project aimed at reducing our transportation costs from our suppliers to production and from our distribution center to our shops based on ordering patterns.

If you have any questions or want to know more about operations in Demant, feel free to contact me!

Danique Elemans