Being an international Graduate, you hear a lot of murmurs about the big party that commences to celebrate a long-deserved holiday season. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I kept hearing comments like “this is the time when you really get to know your coworkers”, or “I’ve been waiting for this all year”. And you know what? They were all right. It. Was. AWESOME. Yeah, the company Christmas Party is what I’m talking about. It was everything I expected, but also much more. This was the time for most people to finally let loose. From a delicious dinner to an excellent live band/entertainment, including as much beer and as many cocktails as your heart desires, the party was a hit.

Now, what makes the Christmas Party THE party of the year? It all started with the anticipation. You could constantly feel a Christmas vibe as more decorations began to sprout throughout the building. Traditional Danish lunches became more frequent. Plus, literally everyone kept asking; “what are you going to wear?”, “are you doing anything special with your outfit?”, “what do you think the entertainment will be?”. As the day came closer, the questions became more frequent and exciting to think about.

Then, after all that talk, it was finally THE day. LED lights began shining throughout the hallways, Santa’s sleigh and his loyal reindeer greeted you at the door, a huge concert stage began to build. Air hockey, foosball, and poker tables were everywhere! No matter if you looked up or down, you could see an extra touch of detail toward this year’s theme. That was the icing on the cake. Why? Because each year Demant gives a Christmas Party theme and this year was titled Winter Wonderland. Finally all that talk about “who would wear what” came to life and it was awesome seeing everyone dress up!

The night began with an excellent selection of appetizers, a dinner buffet, and desserts. While we sat with our corresponding teams, speeches were given to thank everyone for an excellent and hardworking year. After the speeches, everyone had some time to talk amongst themselves and finally get to know coworkers that you may not normally speak with during regular working days. Not only was this easier to do in a more relaxed environment, but actually made working on future projects with colleagues a smoother and more comfortable process.

So, after dinner we were instructed to move toward the freshly-built concert hall. A famous Danish artist walked on stage and the dancing commenced. Personally, I’m normally a bit competitive. So, it only seemed right to get the dance circle started with a few terrible dance moves I picked up over the years. But, no matter if you were a good or bad dancer, everyone showed off their moves in what I can only describe as the most hilariously awesome dance circle to ever be a part of. As the band continued to play, the party became more alive and continued until late into the night. In conclusion, yeah, the Christmas Party definitely lived up to its hype. All-in-all, so many new friends and experiences were made and I cannot wait to be there next year.

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Nicholas Ali
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