Hey everyone! My name is Abed, and I am a first year Global Diagnostic Business Graduate. In this blog post I will share my personal reflections on what I believe makes the Hearing Healthcare industry an (extremely!) awesome industry.

I guess that for most Master students and recent graduates, pursuing the ‘right’ first job is a consuming task that requires a lot of effort and reflection. Everyone has their own unique sets of requirements to be met and questions to be answered. At least, that is what I experienced myself one year ago. Much like a world-class chef who knows the true importance of selecting and mixing just the right ingredients to make a dish reach its fullest potential, I figured that I also had to contemplate on the necessary mix of “ingredients” that forms an ideal industry. So, here they are… Bon appétit!

1. Purpose
Today, my work revolves around an important human sense. A sense that enables us to socialize, communicate and stay connected to the outside world. A sense that allows us to capture all the sounds that we are surrounded by every day: a good song on the radio, the soothing construction work outside your bedroom at 6am, the laughter of a close relative or friend – all of which is making our lives richer. The entire reason our industry exists is very much tied to the strong desire for enabling this vital sense to work, and thereby improve the quality of life for people with a hearing loss. What is really humbling is the fact that you experience people around you doing their outmost to contribute to this noble mission. So, if making a positive impact on people’s lives resonates with your own beliefs, I would say that we are off to a good start already.

2. Passion
Coming from a study background in Business and Information Management, I was actively on the hunt for an industry that would speak to my passion for technology in general and digital. To put it simply, I am a sucker for tech and I enjoy following new trends in this area. Well, working in MedTech today fulfills exactly that need! In this industry, you are instantly exposed to cutting-edge technologies, and sometimes you even take part in important discussions about technological trends that can shape the future of our industry. Here, it is about utilizing technologies in the best possible ways to help people around the world, and that motivates me.

3. Progress
Of course our industry is regulated in many ways since we deal with medical devices, and often, such regulated environments can create bottlenecks for rapid innovation. However, I have noticed that despite the regulations, our industry is still characterized by short innovation cycles and many new introductions. There is a wide consensus that if you want to ensure your existence tomorrow, you need to be at the forefront of innovation and do something extraordinary today. This attitude is quite inspiring to say the least…

Summing up, I believe that the intersection between health and technology – combined with an urge to innovate and constantly push boundaries, are some of the ingredients that makes the Hearing Healthcare Industry the ideal industry to be part of!

Now, I could conclude with a few comments on what sets the industry leader, Demant, apart from the others… but we will save that for some other time

Best of luck with the recruitment process! Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Abed Kreidly