My name is Julius, and I am one of the two Global Diagnostic Business Graduates who started in September this year. I thought it might be interesting for prospective Graduates to see an example of the rotations in this Graduate Programme track, so that is what this blog post will be about.

Instead of choosing a completely different place to work for each rotation, the rotations are somewhat fixed from the beginning for Global Diagnostic Business Graduates. This does not mean that you do not have a voice in deciding your rotations, but you are presented with a much more tangible model for your rotations, which will most likely take place in foreign countries. As a Global Diagnostic Business Graduate, you become part of a main functional area, within which your rotations are organized. What this area will be depends on your background, profile, interests as well as the business needs. I come with a background in manufacturing, and now work with different aspects of Diagnostics Operation that match my profile and capabilities. My rotations have been planned as follows:

1st rotation, Documentation Department, Middelfart (Denmark)
My first rotation takes place in Middelfart, where the headquarter of all Diagnostic Business is located. Here I am part of the daily work of the Documentation Department and get to know their working-procedures, IT, processes for the introduction of new products, regulatory, assembly procedures, production methods, configuration of units and much more. Essentially, I gain knowledge about all processes connected to the production and products. Until now, it has been an extremely interesting journey. I gain knowledge about relevant topics in a short time, I work on projects that require me to learn about the details while pursuing the project, and I communicate with different departments, both in Denmark and abroad – all to reach a common goal. The idea with this rotation is for me to gain a profound base-knowledge about the products and their production. Three months into this rotation, I have traveled to Poland twice, to get introduced to the production and to participate in a workshop regarding my second rotation. Moreover, I have been to Germany to learn about 3D printing and to be part of a 3D Prototyping Project for the production in Middelfart.

2nd rotation, ‘New Factory Project’, Mierzyn (Poland)
The production of all Diagnostics Products, except prototypes and small-scale production of units, takes place in the city of Mierzyn in Poland – just a few kilometers from the Polish-German border. This is where I will spend my second rotation. In the coming years, we will open a new factory, housing a state-of-the-art low volume, high mix production. I will live in Poland for around six months, and I will work with analyzing the current production processes and flow, improving the processes and translate them into a new and innovative production layout, which will be introduced in the new factory. A task which is both highly complicated and highly interesting.

3rd rotation, Logistics, Minneapolis (USA):
The United States is a big market for the diagnostic business. The strategy for the United States also includes a versatile set-up of logistic partners and vendors. I will go to Minneapolis for my third rotation, with the overall purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the logistics and to work on related projects. The details for that rotation will be determined when we get closer.

4th rotation, Production, China:
My last rotation will take place in China. Currently, the company is exploring whether a China-based assembly/production of sub-assemblies for the Chinese market will have a business benefit. My task there will be to analyze the market and regulations for China-based productions and help to determine what kind of set-up that will make sense for that market. Also here the details for the rotation will be determined when we get closer.

As you can see, I will relocate every sixth months. I think this is highly interesting, and it gives me defined tasks that deepen my understanding of the company. It is important to stress that no rotations are the same for Graduates in the Global Diagnostics Business track. However, regardless the rotations, everyone can expect a lot of travelling, learning and communication between all branches of the business.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Julius Born