Hi, Veronika here.

If you’ve read though the previous blog posts, you could have learned about the company, its culture, the fun selection process and the exciting introductory activities of the program through the observant eyes and ears of my curious peers.

At this point, we’ve hopefully piqued your interest, yet you might be wondering how Demant’s Graduate Programme is different from others.

First, different programs choose a variety of structures and lengths. However, many consist of only 2-3 rotations or are confined to one department, where Graduates rotate on several projects. Demant’s CEO has been with the company for more than 20 years and started himself in a position similar to ours, leaving his mark throughout Demant’s value chain as his career progressed. The Graduate Programme is highly regarded by the management, which believes exposure to diverse departments, projects and our global teams best equips the Graduates for fruitful careers and yields greater business benefits from the new synergies created from the holistic overview. Therefore, it consists of 4 six-month rotations in diverse parts of the international organization.

To give you an example, as a Business Graduate, I am currently sitting in the Holding section of the group with the top management working on CSR, internal global IT projects and exploring themes of circular economy and diversity. My next rotations, however, might take me to strategic projects in Operations, International Sales or Business Development abroad, as well as in Denmark. The Graduate Programme is truly holistic and global.

Next, my fellow Graduates have described how the first weeks are filled with exciting and insightful introductory courses and meetings. However, the biggest learnings and professional growth are integrated in your daily life. The projects Graduates work on, or even drive, are challenging and complex, not only at an entry level. You work alongside the management and they welcome you as a sparring partner who brings fresh perspectives. It was quite an experience to present for an hour to the CEO, CFO and other top executives twice during the first three months at the job. Every Graduate reports to at least a Senior Manager, therefore the amount of knowledge transfer throughout the two years is invaluable.

Furthermore, the program is not large in numbers of Graduates Demant hires. For a very good reason. It remains agile. Graduates are in open dialogue about where their wants and the company’s needs overlap, meaning, you have a say in where the journey can take you. Your voice matters. However, it also allows the company to adjust the program from year-to-year. Such as, the General Business track has changed to a Digital Business starting from 2019, which remains highly relevant for business students, but also opens opportunities for graduates from other fields. Hence, whether you pursued business, IT, or UX, you’re qualified to apply.

As a result of the valuable skills Graduates gain, the far-reaching overview of the complex business and not large numbers of Graduates, Demant welcomes new Graduates as permanent employees after they finish the Programme.

If you need more reasons to apply or would like to ask anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Good luck,