Hi, my name is Benedikte, and I am one of the General Business Graduates who started in September 2018. As we speak, I have worked 2 months at Demant, so who better to tell you more about what it is like being new here, than someone who is still somewhat new.

Demant has more than 13,000 employees worldwide and 1,300 of those work in the HQ at Kongebakken. You could imagine it being quite overwhelming starting your career at company of that size, but let that rest in your imagination: All new employees at Demant are part of an extensive onboarding program, which includes a mentor and introductions to the different business functions, preventing you from getting lost both mentally and physically when entering the Demant world.

One of the best things about the onboarding program at Demant is the mentor program. I am in the fortunate position to have two mentors, as my “primary” mentor is in China on his third Graduate Progamme rotation. We meet or call every second week and I can ask them about everything, big or small, from good advice about the Graduate Programme and my own career development, to where the best coffee is or where in the office you find bananas after 15:00.

Being a new employee at Demant is a bit special when you join the Graduate Program. I would say that you start in quite a privileged situation, as you on your first day of work see at least 11 familiar faces – the other Graduates. Through daily breakfasts, weekly lunches, the Graduate introduction week, and Friday bars, the other Graduates become your friends and everyday support system. When starting your first full-time job at a large company where everything is new, it always helps seeing familiar faces in the crowd and being able to talk to someone who is in the exact same position as yourself. This year we are 12 graduates who are situated in 8 different business functions, but there are already more than 40 current and former Graduates at the company. It is thus quite likely that if you have a problem that neither your friends nor your mentor(s) can solve, someone else in the Graduate Programme has faced the problem themselves, heard about it, or knows who to talk to it about.

To sum it up, a year-younger-me would never have expected to transition into working life this smoothly. The culture is very down-to-earth and people always meet you with a smile. As we as graduates are going to be “new” to four different departments of the business in the short time span of two years, it is comforting knowing that there is a great culture and system in place to make us feel welcome in the new organization from day 1.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Benedikte Løje Nielsen