My name is Nicholas Ali, and I started in September as one of the new Global Finance Graduates. In this blog post, I would like to tell you about my first two weeks in Demant’s Graduate Programme.

The purpose of the introduction program is to bring a group of diverse new employees together as a unit. Demant’s two-week introduction program for all new graduates did just that. We started with two days in our respective teams, where we were introduced to our new team members and coworkers for the first rotation. We were brought to multiple meetings where heads of various departments joined, introduced themselves and their teams, and explained what their objectives are to familiarize us with opportunities we might have throughout our two-year journey.

After these first couple of days with each of our teams, we spent the next week and a half together in the graduate group, taking part in exciting team-building exercises. Being that our group is quite diverse, it was fantastic having the opportunity to share our life experiences with one another. Not only did this bring us closer as colleagues, it also allowed us to gain a better understanding of who each of us are, why we have been driven toward the Demant path, and what we plan to accomplish during these two years and onward. As the first week of the introduction program drew to a close, it was clear to tell that any initial skepticism of spending so much time together had passed as we quickly united. The first week ended late into the night with partying, drinks and games as we celebrated our arrival into the program.

Recuperating over the weekend, the second week involved a lot of travel. Starting Monday, we all packed our bags and took a trip over to Middelfart where we were introduced to Interacoustics – a company in the Demant group that produces diagnostic instruments. We spent the day with the team who introduced us to the various departments and their advanced technology facilities. After going our separate ways Monday night, we joined together once again the next morning for a two-day road and ferry trip to Poland, where Demant has one of their biggest offices and production facility. This was a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues even better, as we blasted our favorite tunes while flying down the Autobahn! Our first destination in Poland was a beautiful city-centric hotel just in the heart of Stettin’s main park. Once settled into our rooms we went to a nice Thai restaurant and had a delicious meal. We then walked over to a local bar and rounded off the day with a couple of cocktails.

The next morning, we toured the Stettin offices and were given presentations about who they are and the important roles each of their departments play for Demant as a whole. After our tour we then took a short drive over to their production facility. One of my personal favorites during this tour was witnessing how quickly our automated production could create precise pieces nearly invisible to the eye. This was a great opportunity for us to receive a detailed in-person overview of how we produce our one-in-a-kind hearing aids. Once the tour ended, we then began our journey home to Denmark.

The next morning concluded our two-week introduction with the incorporation of a day-long team building exercise with LEGO, which tested the foundation of whom we have grown to become. We were able to conclude that this is not just a team we work with, but also a family that each of us are able to rely on either in times of duress or to come together to celebrate our accomplishments. The camaraderie and respect built within each of us is shown every day, from having breakfast together in the mornings to assisting each other in various tasks. All of this could not have been done without the help of our two-week introduction program and the incredible graduate staff and alumni that made it all happen.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Nicholas Ali

Nick photo