My name is Riccardo and I am an Italian guy living in Denmark, currently doing a rotation in France. I am writing this post on my way to Sweden with another Graduate from China, where we are going to join a training held by a British colleague.

Demant is growing constantly. Month by month new colleagues from all around the world join a group that is rapidly changing its identity from a Danish company to a purely international one. So, what do you imagine our Graduate Programme would be like? It could not be anything but truly international. Internationality is in the DNA of Demant’s Graduate Programme. Year by year, the percentage of international Graduates in the family has increased. As a result, the 12 Graduates that will start in September this year is composed of young talents from 9 different countries.

Being part of such an international company offers great opportunities to develop professional and personal skills, to get in touch with other cultures and to discover curious things from all around the world. For Graduates, these opportunities are multiplied because we have the possibility to spend a rotation abroad. For example, I did my first rotation in Business Controlling in Copenhagen, now I am in France working with Medical Business, and my next rotation will be in Italy within Retail Business.

But, let’s be more concrete: What are the advantages of being part of an international Graduate Programme?

First, it is a great occasion to meet new people and develop your network at different levels of the company and in different parts of the world. This will allow you to hear new opinions and recognize new perspectives.

A second advantage is the possibility to get involved into different businesses within Demant. Doing a 6-month rotation abroad can bring you closer to the field (a production site, a retail shop, a sales company office, etc.). This allows you to see things through a different lens than the ‘ordinary HQ lens’, and this makes you an important source of information for the entire company, because information goes in both direction – from HQ to the field, and from the field to HQ. You can be an ‘ambassador’ of the HQ, a bridge between different countries, facilitating information sharing.

Third, you will have the possibility to experience different work cultures. By experiencing different leadership styles, you become more aware of which one you like the most. Also, you will have the chance to pick the best leadership traits from every culture, which we believe will essentially make you a better leader of tomorrow.

Obviously, all these advantages do not come for free, there are challenges to face. Moving to another country also means moving your entire life to another city, a city that will probably be new to you. You need to make new friends, get used to a new culture, maybe change your working hours, your food habits…

Yet, despite all that, I would strongly recommend all Graduates to spend a rotation abroad, because your learnings will really make all the challenges worthwhile. And to all potential Graduates out there: If you are interested in an international career, you should definitely apply!

Good luck to all new applicants – we will open up for applications in the fall

Riccardo Spina