Assessment Center, Assessment Day, Recruitment Day, etc… It goes by many names, and many companies use such an event to evaluate candidates, when quite a large number of similar positions need to be filled. At Demant we use Assessment Centers to see how potential employees perform in different real-life scenarios and how they work with other people.

The Assessment Centers are surrounded by quite some mystique. Part of the reason for this can be ascribed to the fact that the participants cannot beforehand know about the specific activities that await them. The main point of the event is to see how each individual acts intuitively and unprepared.

The first couple of hours of our Assessment Centers are often driven by some nervousness and reticence. We understand why such an event might seem a bit overwhelming – you are surrounded by very competent candidates (whom you might reckon as more qualified than you). However, it cannot be emphasized enough that every candidate selected for the Assessment Center is highly qualified for the job. We are not questioning your competences at this stage in the recruitment process.

At the Assessment Center, we are much more looking for drive and the ability to grasp new and unknown challenges – something your CV and cover letter do not tell us. It is safe to say that we would rather see you try and fail than see you not try at all. You will never get the job (or our attention) if you do not try at all. Our experiences from these events are that the more comfortable you get, and the faster you get there, the easier it will be for you to perform and show your real self.

We cannot reveal any of the specific cases or assignments that the day will bring, but we can say that you will get many opportunities to show your cognitive skills, your ability to work in teams, agility in more than one aspect and your adaptability. These are all areas we expect a Graduate to excel and thrive in, because they are such an essential part of a Graduate’s every day life at Demant.

At the end of the day, the best tip we can give you is to be yourself. “Faking it” and trying to be somebody you think is the “right” person for us is not an optimal strategy to follow. Rather, be yourself, let your personality shine through and be humble. This will certainly get you far in a professional setting as well as in life in general. Moreover, do remember that despite being a crucial and effortful stage of the recruitment process, the Assessment Center is a fun and insightful event as well. You will meet your potential colleagues and see your potential workplace. So try to enjoy it and see it as a learning opportunity. We speak from personal experience when we say that we were very tired after our Assessment Centers, but we enjoyed every second of it.

We hope this helped shed some light on the mysterious event known as “The Assessment Center”. If you are one of the candidates who got the invitation to participate, then we look forward to seeing you there.

All the best,

Klaus Langholz & Ahmed Azzam

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