My name is Kristine, and I am one of the two Engineering Graduates who started this September. Before coming to Demant, I have studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Denmark. I have the majority of my practical experience from being part of the national board of a volunteer organization of 30,000+ members.

I’m now a few months in to my first rotation, which is in Quality, where I’m part of the Product Quality Management team. The two projects I have been spending most time on is coordinating and running in-house explorative tests on soon-to-be-released equipment and improving the product support we deliver to our sister companies around the world.

During my first few months at Demant, I have realized how lucky I am as an employee and how lucky we are as a company. As an employee, I’m lucky enough to have ended up in a workplace that is willing to spend time and resources on training their employees – that’s me! – and potentially you too, my friend!

As a company, we are lucky because the majority of our clients are able to express what they need and how our products help them. We are even lucky enough to have a large portfolio of products we can try out ourselves. This leads us straight to the bee in my bonnet: Learn as much as you can about our clients and end users! Talk to any hearing aid user who will share their knowledge with you; your friend, your grandma or a friendly hearing aid user you just met. Use the different courses provided like Age Experience Workshop, Introduction to Audiology, Meet a Hearing Aid User and Visit at the Clinic.

This is not only in the spirit of the Oticon motto, ‘People First’, it’s also the best possible business strategy. If you don’t think of your users and clients all the time, then how do you ensure that the choices you make every day are the ones that best benefit them?  Moreover, if you do not bring the biggest benefit or the best experience to your user, then why on earth should they come to you?

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Engineering Graduate Programme, I’ll be happy to help.