My name is Mads, and I’m a Business Consultant in Demant, not a graduate. Now, some of you might be wondering why I’m writing this post on the Graduate Blog then, but there’s a good reason for that. Last year, I went through all the steps of the recruitment process for the Graduate Programme, which resulted in me joining Demant in August.

To explain how that happened, let’s start with the beginning. After being through the first steps of the recruitment process (read more about that process here), I received my invitation for the so-called Assessment Center. It was with a lot of excitement that I showed up at Kongebakken (Demant’s HQ) on a beautiful March morning last year. The questions were many when I walked into the impressive headquarter: What could I expect from the Assessment Center? What would the 29 other hopeful candidates be like? Were we all going to get roasted for 8 straight hours, only to leave the place in tears at the end of the day? I found out however that there was no reason to be concerned. After kicking off the day with breakfast in the canteen (which by the way is awesome – take it from a food lover), we were presented with several tasks, many of which were to be solved in groups. It was obvious from the very beginning that I was in highly competent and inspiring company. The Assessment Center was an extremely good experience, and the people and the surroundings appealed to me a lot. When I left the premises that day, it was with the impression of a company with a very unique culture – a company and a culture I strongly wanted to be part of.

After the Assessment Center came days of waiting for the crucial phone call. When Daria, the Graduate Programme Manager, finally called, it was with an unexpected message. She didn’t offer me the position as Graduate, but instead she asked if I could be interested in the position as Business Consultant in a global transformation programme. At that time I had no idea. The Programme Director wanted to see me, and I was curious to learn more, so the next day I was once again on my way to Kongebakken. Additional interviews followed, and luckily, I signed my contract in the beginning of May.

During the interviews, it became clear what an outstanding opportunity I had been offered. I’m now part of the very same unique culture that I experienced back at the Assessment Center 10 months ago. My position is challenging but flexible, and I’m part of a highly global environment, which appeals to me a lot. To provide an example, I’m writing this blog post in Australia, where I’m spending two weeks working on a project we’re currently running. There is plenty of room to grow in whatever direction I can imagine, as opportunities are close to unlimited within Demant.

My advice to anyone that could have the slightest interest in a Graduate Programme is clear: Apply, apply, apply! I’m happy I applied, as this was the way into my current position, which I enjoy every day.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Mads Lagoni Pedersen