My name is Maria, and this will be my first blog post since I started as a Global Operations Graduate in September 2017.

In this blog post, I will do my very best to describe why I find this company truly interesting, and how my excitement continuously grows day after day, the more I get to know and understand the company.  If you have ever studied any supply chain related topic, it’s very likely that you’ve come across terms and buzzwords like ‘mass customization’, ‘lean agility’, ‘late configurations’ and ‘additive manufacturing’! To me, all this used to be interesting theory. But not any longer – today it’s a part of my everyday life.

Demant is managing mass customization to a large degree. As always, the purpose of ‘mass’ is to drive costs down. ‘Customization’ is absolutely crucial for us, because the inside of the ear is unbelievably sensitive. If a hearing instrument isn’t customized and fitted for each specific customer, the instrument will cause more pain than good. Additive manufacturing and the 3D printing technology allow a high degree of customization. Physical prints or 3D models of our customers’ inner ear are transformed into a 3D printed shell, which later becomes the customized hearing instrument.

Knowing that all hearing instruments we produce are customized for the individual customer is truly engaging for me. It’s highly motivating to know that we make a significant difference for millions of people around the world. Enabling mass customization requires the ability to balance efficiency and flexibility in a competitive marketplace where leading technology is key to gain competitive advantage. Being lean and agile at the same time is vital – however, this requires constant changes and the ability to adapt and develop. For us as graduates, this leads to interesting projects around the world.

Another important Operations related fact about Demant is that we own large parts of our supply chain. From disruptive R&D to retail stores around the world. What this means for us Operations graduates is that we have unlimited possibilities. We can think the unthinkable and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the hearing healthcare industry. We can work towards enabling all parts of the world to benefit from a hearing instrument, or we can make sure that all hearing healthcare professionals are educated in the newest technology all around the world, ready to give hearing-impaired people their life back.

If you are just half as excited about supply chain and manufacturing as I am, you should consider applying for the Global Operations Graduate Programme. You still have time, the deadline is the 8th February. Read more here:

Best,  Maria