My name is Stefan, and I am one of the two Diagnostic Graduates who started at Demant in September.

I am German, but have lived in Denmark for the past nine years. Before starting at Interacoustics, I took a year to figure out what I want to do with my life. I am very happy that I did, because it helped lead me to where I am today.

My first rotation is in Product Management (PM), while my colleague, the other Diagnostic Business Graduate, started in Business Development. More specifically, I am working with the Standalone Audiometers and the Tympanometers (Middle-Ear-Analyzers). For me, the most astonishing thing about the products we produce has been how large our product and test portfolio is, and how close hearing and balance are to each other. We have products that are specialized for each part of the balance and the hearing sense.

What fascinates me about product management is that I am working directly with the devices that help identify the issues people have with their ears – if it is in the auditory nerve, the cochlear or the middle ear. I have faced a variety of different tasks so far, and they are all very exciting. They vary from technical, to business-orientated and to improving my clinical understanding of the devices. For the clinical understanding, I am actively working with the devices and learning a lot about my own ear and hearing, as I am my favorite test subject. For the business part, I have conducted product benchmarking, worked on pricing for a product for which I am responsible with another colleague. I have also been working on a business case for one of the new products we would like to establish, which I have specified together with the responsible Senior PM. For the technical part, I have been working on analyzing complaints. As part of this, I have developed a solid understanding of the issues our users sometimes experience with our products. I have then highlighted the issues we have to fix as soon as possible to increase our customer satisfaction.

As the business of the Diagnostic Group is quite diverse and interwoven with a large number of different companies, I have experienced a steep learning curve for understanding how we work with our different entities and how everything comes together. This also enables me to understand some of the different specializations and the focus on different customers.

As I am working in Interacoustics I am not based in Copenhagen, but in Middelfart, where Diagnostics has its headquarter. It is very nice here, and the location makes it very easy to meet and communicate with the whole management team. Being a graduate here is a fantastic start to your career, as you get to meet everyone and you are able to look into different areas of the business in a relatively short time.


Best regards,

Stefan Otzen