My name is Siyi Fang and I am one of the General Business Graduates who joined Demant in the fall of 2017.

When I got the call from Daria, our program manager, and was offered the position, it was one of the best moments of my life – the excitement, the uncertainty, the feeling of dreams coming true… they were all there. I asked myself two questions: Am I ready for this role here at the starting point of my career? And am I ready to move to another country and dive into a completely different culture? Now, having been in the program and the company for a couple of months, I can confidently tell you I’m happy I said yes to both questions.

I’m now sitting in Corporate Communication & Relations, which is my first rotation. Although we had been told that graduates would be busy and given real responsibility from day one, I was still surprised when, in my first week, my manager invited me to a meeting with our CEO and the general manager of a key brand, and asked me to formulate slides for their communication plan.

Daria was indeed right about the high degree of responsibility, and the game was on from day one. As a General Business Graduate, you have the chance to experience different business functions, different levels of the organization and even tasks within which you may have zero knowledge or experience. In my case, that was the case when I was asked to make a communication plan. I had never done it before and I didn’t even know what a communication department was really like. Nevertheless, it was without a doubt a challenging but extremely interesting task. The task has motivated me to read comprehensively about our company and the industry, in order to get a solid understand of the project. And what could be more efficient and satisfying than learning by doing and accomplishing? My time in CC&R so far has been a journey, constantly encouraging me to jump out of my comfort zone. It has given me unlimited possibilities to utilize my competencies and contribute at work.

Another thing you are probably thinking about if you are not Danish, is whether you are ready to move to Denmark for this job. Even though I had been in Copenhagen for more than a year prior to the graduate program, moving to another country still seemed intimidating. It means that you will live far away from your family and friends and you will be living in a completely different culture and society. However, I have always known that I feel the most excited when I get the chance to truly get to know another culture and its people.

The difference between our values and thoughts is extremely fascinating and can lead to amazing results at work. From my Danish colleagues, I have learned that you can be very direct and bold about expressing your ideas and yet be able to enjoy great relationships with both managers and peers, which is completely different from the Chinese corporate culture. Facing a different culture can be hard, but being proactive and open-minded can not only broaden your horizons but also bring more fun and new perspectives to your professional and personal development. For me, joining our graduate program and moving to Denmark has definitely been one of my best choices.

All in all, I hope my sharing can give you some idea about our program. And if you are also a person striving for a career with unlimited possibilities and ready to embrace the beauty of different cultures, I can assure you that this is the right place for you to be!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Siyi Fang