My name is Riccardo and I am one of the two 2017 Finance Graduates at Demant. I am Italian and I moved to Denmark during the summer 2015 to study at Copenhagen Business School. Despite all the challenges a Mediterranean guy like me meets when entering Scandinavia, I liked Copenhagen so much that I decided to stay here after my studies, and so I joined the Graduate Program.

Demant is such a great place to start a career. The company is growing and changing, which brings challenges but also amazing opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. This company perfectly embeds the Danish working culture, with a good work-life balance, very good conditions at the office, and a flat hierarchy. We will get back to this topic at a later point with a dedicated post.

Let’s focus on the Finance Graduate Program for now.

The Finance Graduate program is a two-year development program. The program itself lasts two years but the objective of the company is to train you in order to hire you for the long term. Therefore, for the first two years, you will be a Graduate, and afterwards you will likely be presented with several different opportunities. Until now, the entire graduate program has actually had a 100 % match rate, which means that every graduate has been offered at least one job after the two years.

The finance track consists of four rotations of six months each. Each rotation is usually inside the finance department. However, it can also be in other departments, but you will always work with finance-related tasks.

According to the standard structure of the program, you have to stay here in Copenhagen for the first rotation and then do at least one rotation abroad. This can lead you everywhere in the world, if you want. Last year, finance grads were sent to the US or Australia. I don’t know where I will end up yet but I am looking forward to do my rotation abroad.

The finance track is very “young”, since the first two finance grads were employed in 2016 and we are now four in total. This means that we have many possibilities. Just to give you an example; we have been rotating in Business Controlling, Treasury, Tax, and Retail. In September, I have started my first rotation in Business Controlling. The team is very inspiring and many interesting things are going on in the department.

At the beginning, it was a bit hard because everything was new. All systems seemed complicated and sometimes even senseless to me, but I quickly got used to it all. My advice for future grads; also when you will be given very simple tasks – just do them. Step by step you will start figuring everything out. Also, remember that you can always share your feelings with other graduates and in particular with your mentor.

Who is the mentor? The mentor is a second year graduate from your track. It means that for 2018 finance graduates, the mentors will be Christian B. and myself. The mentors will help you in dealing with your everyday life challenges, but they will also share their personal experiences with you so that you can learn from their successes and mistakes. Apart from your mentor, you can count on all graduates from previous years as well.

To conclude, I want to tell you that I am truly happy to have chosen to join Demant Graduate Program. The other graduates are more than simply colleagues. They have become friends. This is also thanks to all the amazing introductory activities we did together, which created strong bonds between all of us. Now I know I can count on their help to face any challenge – together. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

I hope this was helpful for you. Feel free to write me if you have any questions. Just write “grad2018help” as email subject.


Riccardo Spina