My name is Julia and I am one of the two new Operations Graduates that started on the 1st of September. I would like to share my experiences so far and, by doing so, hopefully shed some light on the possibilities you have if you choose this Graduate Programme track.

After the very fun and very intense week of general introduction, I finally had my first day in the Operations Department, but the introductions were far from over! As an Operations Graduate, it is of course important to understand our different products, the challenges we face in the different departments, and how we actually produce our products. Thus, for the past three weeks, I have been introduced to all the different departments within Operations. This included spending a week in Poland at our production site. The week in Poland was particularly interesting, since I got to walk the flow of the different assembly lines, try some of the tasks AND build my own hearing aid! My main task throughout the introduction phase has been to do a value stream map of the entire process. From the production in Poland all the way out to the retailers. So, as a next step, we will visit wholesalers and retailers, continuing to map the flow.

The rotations in Operations are quite different. The first rotation is general, while in the other rotations you will belong to specific departments. During the first rotation, the point is to get as much exposure to the different teams as possible. You can then, to some extent, influence in which department you will “deep-dive”. Moreover, either the second or third rotation will be spent abroad. Where? Well, that depends on the business needs at that time.

With that said, I would like to share some examples of the different teams and tasks that I am working on at the moment:

  • I am developing a costing framework that we can use during our make/buy decisions for the New Product Introduction Department.
  • For the Global Supply Chain Department, I will be working on various tasks, such as developing an aggregated long-term capacity model together with the planning team.

I hope that this short blog post has given you a better idea of how the first month of an Operations Graduate Program looks like. I feel that I made the right choice choosing the Operations program. It offers many opportunities to work with the entire supply chain – from production to retail – and it is quite broad compared to similar graduate programs in other companies. Last but definitely not least, the people in Operations are so helpful and nice! This makes it even more fun for me to go to work every day.

Hope to see you at the Assessment Center!

Julia Petersson