My name is Camilla and I am currently a 1st year Engineering Graduate. I studied Design and Innovation at DTU and graduated right before the recruitment for the Graduate Program 2017. I would like to share my experiences so far.

I started in September and my first rotation is in the Hardware Function in R&D. Here, more than 100 people develop the mechanical and electrical parts of the hearing aid. How that is possible, takes some time to understand and I am still learning. The next 6 months, I will be a part of three different projects:

  • The first project has a strong product focus and allows me to draw use of my mechanical background. Here, I will help mapping which technologies that will be a part of our hearing aids the next 5-10 years and how it will affect our current product program. Therefore, I of course need to get to know our products and the design history, which is a great learning as a new employee within engineering.
  • The second project focuses more on organizational challenges related to product development in a fast growing company. As a newly hired employee, my knowledge about the organization is limited. However, that is actually the whole point with getting me onboard: The team wanted new perspectives from “the outside” and luckily enough that ended up being me!
  • The third project is not within Hardware but in collaboration with the Systems Engineering Group in Demant. Here, I have a role as a project leader/coordinator. My next task is to facilitate a six-hour workshop with five project members, which I am very much looking forward to.

All project teams have been very welcoming from day one. Actually, the whole organization has. The exposure of us as graduates means that most people here knows who we are, so it is easy to seek new acquaintances around the organization. This also means that we as graduates have a unique opportunity to meet with many experts in different departments and learn about our products from them. As an engineering graduate, it is hard finding a better way to start a new job, as we get to learn from the best from day one.

Camilla Willow Møldrup