My name is Ahmed and I am one of the twelve graduates that recently joined Demant. In this post, I will evaluate my first couple of weeks of being a general business graduate and the experiences I have had so far.

Starting a job in a new environment with new colleagues is always an exciting experience. With butterflies in my stomach, I got on the S-train heading towards unknown territories where I would begin a new chapter of my life in a beautiful place called Smørum. As I recently finished my studies, I knew that everything I have done so far was leading to this moment; the moment when you have to say goodbye to student life and begin your professional career. I arrived at Kildedal Station at 7:42 and walked my way to the headquarters. I was met in the canteen to have breakfast with the team I would be joining for the next six months. And so, the day had begun.

When you begin your career with a generalist background like mine, let’s admit it, we know a little bit of everything but we are not specialists. And it is exactly due to this fact that I was drawn to apply for Demant’s graduate programme. Namely, to experience four different departments, tasks and roles in this complex company and figure out in which role I am most prone to be happy and excel. My first rotation in the programme is in Business Intelligence, where I am currently working with reporting developments in close collaboration with a strategic business transformation programme currently running in the company. I find this position very interesting as I interact with different stakeholders and departments, both from Denmark and abroad, on a daily basis.

Besides the actual work, the first couple of weeks have been intense, fun and rewarding. Relevant activities, fun exercises and a business trip to Poland are only some of the elements that had the purpose of giving us the best start in Demant as well as shaping the group dynamics among us graduates. Many impressions and experiences have already been gained, however, what truly stands out in my reflections of the first weeks is the amount of responsibility that you as a graduate get assigned from the beginning. From day 1, you are regarded as a resource that can proactively drive projects and identify solutions. With this being said, so far, I have not felt alone during this process, as experiences and advice from the other graduates, both new and old, have been shared with me. Furthermore, I constantly find myself surrounded by competent and extremely helpful colleagues.

I feel that this company truly gives me a lot as a young professional. Responsibility, exposure to top-level management and the resources and assistance for me to succeed. As my one-month anniversary is coming up, I feel very privileged to be part of a company whose vision is to make a life-changing difference to people suffering from hearing loss and a company that is willing to invest in my personal and professional development.

If you are in the pursuit of an impactful career with inspiring colleagues and a big room for self-development, then I encourage you to apply for this unique graduate programme at this unique company. I hope this post has given you some idea of how the life of a graduate at Demant is. Feel free to reach out in case of any doubts or questions.

All the best,