Once a year Demant invites all employees to participate in the Demant Innovation Challenge. At the Innovation Challenge, a business-related challenge is introduced to the organisation and all employees are encouraged to come up with their best ideas to solve the challenge.

Being relatively new in the company, the Innovation Challenge gave us, as new Graduates, a great opportunity to learn a bit more about different areas of focus within the business and provide some fun innovative solutions to the proposed challenge.

This year, the theme of the challenge was “Love from first fit” and employees were simply asked:

“How can we ensure our users love their hearing solution from the first fit?”

Already today, we do a lot to get the users to like our hearing solutions from the start. However, the challenge was to think about how we could utilise new emerging technology in order to deliver a superior experience in the future.

It was a fun process to be involved with, systematically brainstorming different ideas and eventfully submitting a single page overview for each of the ideas we felt was worthwhile pursuing. We felt that the level of complexity with regards to what the end user should understand has increased dramatically with our latest release, Opn, and therefore we proposed a solution that would provide instant on-demand support for our users, especially during the first few months of use. We won’t disclose more of the idea :).

The winners of the innovation challenge are announced at the annual “Cube event” by R&D management and the prize is a golden cube. The Cube event’s main purpose is to celebrate authors of patents obtained the previous year. Patents are an important asset of our business and thus each author is acknowledged by the prize of a prestigious black cube. The person with the most obtained patents gets, apart from a lot of black cubes, the very prestigious “golden jacket” that he/she can show off for the next year.

The event was a fun experience and you figure out how many patents we obtain as an organisation. Furthermore, we were actually given a golden cube for one of our Innovation Challenge suggestions!


Gustav / Patrick