Hi everyone!

I’m Theis and I joined Demant as a Business Graduate in September. So far, working at Demant has been great and I very much look forward to sharing some of the experiences gained during the first couple of months with you. I hope it will give you a better idea of the Graduate Programme and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out – I will gladly help!

The importance of people

Time flies by, it does not feel like too long ago, since I was looking into Demant and other potential employers. What do I want to work with, where geographically do I want to work and with which company? I know that many of you are having the same considerations. In my process, I did all I could to have the best possible basis for my decision. I started out by reading about different companies, I talked with representatives at fairs, I talked with people in my network about their experiences and networked at different events such as dinners, case competitions, and company visits. My conclusion from all of this was that people really matter. It is important to gain information about the company, job possibilities, geographical opportunities etc, but in my personal experience, the thing that mattered the most was the people I interacted with. The impression left by the employees (potential colleagues!) gave me the best idea of what the environment would be like to work in and what kind of people thrived in that environment. The latter enabled me to answer the crucial question of whether I could thrive in that setting myself. Could I see myself working in that environment with those people? If yes, I decided to apply – in most cases at least. In the application process, you will discover all the rest of the unknown quantities and you are able to choose what the right choice is for YOU – consulting, a global-minded graduate programme, an entry-level position, or something different. For a people person like myself, the best thing is that people really matter when you start in your position as well. 

Inspiring co-workers

Right now, I am in my first rotation, situated at HQ in Group Finance. In this rotation, I have been given a vast amount of responsibility, as I am the Project Leader of a larger project and a few smaller ones. The projects all have the focus of making processes more efficient by introducing new ways of working. Without saying too little nor too much, it involves many different functions, departments, and tasks globally. Therefore, many different people with different backgrounds are involved – culturally, personally, and professionally. Each day I interact with different people, that all inspire me in different ways. Today, I had a meeting with the steering group consisting of an EVP and two Senior Directors (Danish and Swedish). Moreover, I interacted with a Polish developer, a Danish Business Intelligence Consultant, a Polish General Manager, an Italian Business Controller, and lastly two Icelandic Business Controllers. All of whom are involved in the projects, contributing greatly with their unique input. For me, this is what really motivates me – working with inspiring and different people. I have really learned that people matter. I learn from them each day, and we have fun together while doing something that matters and provides value to the business. As I am now in contact with my next rotation, I know that this experience will continue and I am excited about that!

I hope this blog post gave you a better idea of my experiences. If you want to know more or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

All the best,