I used to think that a workday is an entire day spent with work: when I was a kid my mom would leave to work before I woke up and would come home just before my bed time.

The older I got, the more I realized how weary she was at the end of the day, looking forward to the least to go back to her office. With fear in my heart, I thought one day I would take her place in a crowded, boring, steamy office – but the child in me rebelled and rebels since then, against that kind of working life. I wanted to have a job I love, which also aligns with my values and lets me have a life, too – before I got to know Denmark, this seemed like too much to ask for.

But here, I found what I was looking for and always knew in the back of my head that it must exist: Work-life balance. At the end of a work day, I don´t read more emails, don´t think about projects, meetings or people – I just enjoy my loved ones, hobbies and life outside of work. In the beginning, this was an idea hard to get used to and my Hungarian-self felt guilty for ‘ignoring’ work. However, after forcing myself a few times to let go, I started to feel the difference: I wake up with the urgency to go to work and achieve milestones, discuss ideas, challenge people and myself. To take a break has meant that I am not only spending more time with family and friends, but also, I am better at my job. The importance of work-life balance has been one of my greatest discoveries, which shook my new, Danish world.

Enjoying free time is not the only reason why I love my job. As a graduate, I have a rare opportunity to work closely with the highest level of managers, while also, familiarizing with production operators and spending my days sitting and working with different levels and employees of the various organizations of Demant. In Hungarian, we have a saying “a változatosság gyönyörködtet” which means “Diversity is a delight”. I found this saying especially true for a job: it is wonderful not to have two days the same, to have a project you are responsible for and that proceeds as much as you put in it, to have people help you, who are in the company for half a decade or who just joined with you (and you can call all of them by their first names!). It is -just another- great thing about Denmark: it doesn’t matter where you are from, how much experience or influence you have, how tall, short, blond, brown, man, woman, old or young you are – as long as you are curious and want to leave a positive mark with your work.

I have just started my journey, but I am already excited for the many more years to come. So many things to discover, to learn and so many people who have all their different histories, backgrounds, experiences… I feel like, this is the country where in the professional world your expertise matter more than your looks or position and as long as the voices are heard instead of ordered, we can all work for making the world a better place.